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Gamified loyalty challenges - From mass promotions to personalized offers 


Less than 5% of retailers globally are delivering personalized offers at scale. With new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, it is now easier to switch from mass to personalized promotions, enabling better business results and enhancing customer centricity.  

In this webinar, Cedric Chereau from Untie Nots shares the secrets behind the success of its Challenges solution that enables retailers to create AI-powered personalized and gamified promotions.

  • Discover how AI and ML can help you design personalized promotions for your customers. 
  • How the Untie Nots solution rewards customers with just the right amount and only for their incremental behavior. 
  • The benefits of switching from mass to personalized promotions and its impact on your ROI, sales, and profits. 

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About Untie Nots

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Untie Nots disrupts loyalty and promotion in retail. Its Google-powered platform enables retailers to easily personalise and gamify their digital promotions, at scale, with an innovative offer design that delights customers and guarantees profitability. Clients include Carrefour, FairPrice Group, E. Leclerc and Rite Aid.

About Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is a leading SaaS platform that is transforming marketing by enabling personalised marketing in real time through coupons, loyalty, apps, subscriptions and gift services. Hosted on Google Cloud, clients include Asda, Countdown, Dairy Farm International, JD Sports, John Lewis, Loblaw, Pret A Manger, Tesco, Virgin Red, The Warehouse Group and Woolworths.

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